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Deliver Calls To Differents Operators (Numbers) Based On Area Code


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I have been changing the Standard Voicemail ECR so that the caller gets the opportunity to choose if we wants to talk to the operator or if he wants to leave a message in the voicemail.

So, if someone calls a user that is busy/not logged on then the call would be sent to either operator or voicemail (depending on what the caller chooses). '

The problem is that there are Swyx users that do not sit in the same Area and thus have different Area Codes. Right now the Standard Voicemail ECR is sending everything to only one number/area

no matter where the User is from. Is there any way to send the call to different numbers based on where the called party is sitting? Is there any script for that?



Best regards,

Ilir Çelaj

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Hi Ilir,


you can the current script user's location configuration. Base on that you can define different targets for your operators. The following knowledgebase article describes how to get the configuration data:


With a little bit of VBScript in a script code block your problem can be easily solved.



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