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Tom Wellige

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Open CDR is the follow-up project of the initial Swyx Web CDR project, that was started in 2007 by Randall Kam but was later on abandoned.


Forum user Mathew picked it up again, extended it and made it as Open CDR available again to the community.


The current state of the project is, that the Open CDR web application is available in English and German language. The added installation script and documentation is for the moment in German language available only.


This is a rough list of all included features:


  • Imports SwyxWare/Netphone Call Detail Records (CDR) from the default text file into an own database (SQLite3)
  • Query from/to/destination names and numbers between specific time periods
  • Query between different time periods
  • Query different call states
  • Follow Calls to where they are transferred
  • Export data to MS Excel (via .csv file)
  • Delete data from the database.
  • Includes installation to setup web server and database properly


A good overview of the functionality can be found in the documentation.




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