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Locked EN (Press): Closer collaboration with third parties:

Tom Wellige

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In order to work even more closely with third party manufacturers in the future and to continuously expand the range of solutions for users, Swyx has set up a new program for technology partners. At the Swyx Partner and Technology Conference on September 27, 2017 the UC specialist introduced the Technology Alliance Program (TAP) for the first time.

The Technology Alliance Program supports third party hardware and software vendors in the development and marketing of complementary products for Swyx’s communication solution. The new program will enable technology partners to offer innovative Swyx compatible solutions based on open interfaces, standards and protocols, thus opening up new customer groups.

TAP replaces Swyx’s previous purely technical certification program and integrates technology partners much more strongly than before. Thanks to closer cooperation, clearly defined certification processes and joint marketing activities, both sides benefit even more from working together. Technology partners receive full support from the TAP team and test licences for Swyx products. After successful certification, they can use Swyx's marketing channels and present their products on the UC provider's website.

Extensive tests are also an essential part of the program to ensure the complete compatibility and functionality of the partner product and Swyx’s solution. Interoperability can be tested in a jointly agreed test procedure either by Swyx or by the TAP partner itself. After successful completion of the tests, the partner's product receives a certificate confirming its compatibility with Swyx - so users can rely on the fact that they can combine the two products without any functional restrictions.

“TAP is the logical further development of our previous technology partner program and enables us to continuously expand our own offering as well as to market third-party solutions that optimally complement our portfolio. We have thus set the course for closer cooperation with technology partners from different areas in the future and in turn expand the Swyx ecosystem. In this way, we open up even more opportunities for users to take communication in their company to a new level”, explains Martin Classen, CTO of Swyx Solutions AG.

For more information about the Technology Alliance Program (TAP) please visit the Swyx homepage or e-mail tap(at)swyx.com.

Press release on swyx.com

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