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Locked EN (Press): Swyx opens new headquarters with summer festival and charity donation

Tom Wellige

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The staff of the Dortmund-based unified communications provider Swyx have demonstrated their fitness and dedication towards a local charity. For a total of three weeks, they ran as many kilometres as they could for a good cause as part of a competition between various internal teams. For each kilometer run during the activity period, Swyx pledged to donate 50 cents to registered children’s charity Kinderlachen (translates as ‘Children Laughing’).

A total of 2019 kilometres were "run" by the participating Swyx employees between the 18th May and the 8th June 2017. The resulting sum of 1,009.50 Euros was reached and Swyx donated a total of 1,250 euros to the charity Kinderlachen. "We are very pleased with the donation and thank Swyx and all their employees, who have worked so hard for a good cause. The money will benefit our project, ‘Each child's own bed': that provides children who are lacking in these essential furnishings with urgently needed furniture. Through Swyx’s contribution, we can now ensure that five more children are given their own bed" says Christian Vosseler, chairman and co-founder of Kinderlachen.

"As a growing company based in Dortmund, it is one of our goals to support the local community and promote projects that contribute to positive social developments," explains Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO of Swyx Solutions AG. "With our sports-based fundraising campaign, we also wanted to encourage our employees to introduce more movement in their daily lives – the fact that so many kilometres were completed for a good cause is a great success." The health and wellbeing of its employees are of utmost importance to Swyx. For this reason, the company offers, among other things, ergonomic workplace equipment with height-adjustable tables, free water and fresh fruit as well as extensive additional services within its Swyx Health Care and Prevention Programme.

Inauguration at the Dortmund Technology Centre

The inauguration ceremony of the Swyx’s new company headquarters last Saturday, June 10, 2017, marked the occasion for the sports-based fundraising campaign. As part of a summer festival with a fun-packed programme, the Swyx board of directors opened the company headquarters at the Dortmund Technology Centre, together with employees, partners and guests from politics, science and business, including Thomas Westphal, Managing Director of the Dortmund Economic Development Agency.

Many of the 300+ visitors took the opportunity to get an impression of the new, generously designed corporate headquarters of the European market leader for IP telephony: On more than 4,000 square metres, Swyx’s offices are based on a sophisticated space concept, which offers an ideal combination of modern equipped workplaces, areas for communication and exchange as well as for rest areas during break times. In particular, the number of meeting rooms has been significantly increased. There is also a staff room with table football and a PlayStation as well as "think tanks" for the development area."

About Kinderlachen

Kinderlachen is a non-profit children’s charity with many voluntary helpers to support the urgent needs of children all over Germany. These include furniture, materials for school and leisure, medical equipment, beds and more. In addition, Kinderlachen fulfills childrens’ dreams through unforgettable events and leisure activities. The focus is on concepts such as equality of opportunity, child development and social participation. All donations are used to support children, families and institutions. www.kinderlachen.de.

Press release on swyx.com

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