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Tom Wellige

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A defective wheelchair, a missing hospital bed or questions about bath seats: one of the goals of medical aids supplier Reha & Care is to offer fast responses to all customer enquiries regarding its range of rehabilitation aids. In the past, the team could not cope with the volume of incoming calls due to an outdated telephone system. In order to provide patients with the best service, Reha & Care is now using Octopus NetPhone, a cloud-based telephone system developed by Dortmund-based technology company Swyx, which can be customised to the individual needs of the user.

"A sudden care situation is a difficult time for those affected families," explains Managing Director Thomas König. "In these cases, we wanted to reduce the pressure on customers using our products and services." It is important that customers can get in touch with Reha & Care at any time. "If a device is defective or can’t be used for other reasons, we must act quickly so that a person who is in need of care can cope with everyday life. Good accessibility is therefore indispensable for us. However, with the old telephone system we were often prevented from delivering a quick response to enquiries: between 300 and 400 calls a month were being missed.”

Thanks to Octopus NetPhone, the Nuremberg-based company, which is one of the market leaders in the area of rehabilitation aids delivery, is now not missing a single call: the new IP-based telephone system ensures intelligent call management.

Improved accessibility thanks to intelligent call forwarding
"If one of our employees is not able to answer the phone because they are on the move, the call is forwarded to their mobile phone or to another employee using intelligent call forwarding," explains the managing director. The system automatically detects whether the person is currently available. "Calendar-based forwarding is also possible."

If a customer calls in to the central office to reach a specific contact person, staff can immediately see if they are at their desk or available thanks to the on-screen presence display. At the same time, they have the possibility to check in the customer database, who the customer previously spoke to and which products they bought. "No longer are any calls lost", explains Thomas König enthusiastically.

Simplified collaboration for employees
Octopus NetPhone users also benefit from unified communications features such as voicemail, videotelephony, or conferencing. The integration into Microsoft® Outlook and IBM® Lotus Notes® is also possible, as well as the connection to CRM and stock control systems or the recording of telephone conversations.

"Octopus NetPhone delivers more than traditional PBXs: the IP-based solution brings telephony and data traffic together intelligently and opens up new possibilities for companies," explains Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO of Swyx Solutions AG. "From internal phone calls to contact centre tasks, all processes can be managed by NetPhone."

The software-based telephone system Octopus NetPhone developed by Swyx is available through Deutsche Telekom. The partnership between the two telecommunications companies, which will be expanded in the coming years, has existed since 2003. In October last year, Swyx and Deutsche Telekom entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to further develop the joint product offering and to promote the digitisation of SMEs.

Press release on swyx.com

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