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CreateObject failing in GSE


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Dear all, 


Some time ago, I used .Net to build a COM object to be used in the GSE scripting environment.

I deployed the object to a client’s production server; this all worked flawlessly.


Now, I want to build a more advanced version of that same object. As I now have a test environment available, I want to deploy it there first.

But no matter what I try, CreateObject always fails when used with my COM object:


                ActiveX component can’t create object


So, I removed the new component and tried installing the original, which is still running fine in production.

But also that component cannot be created, with exactly the same error!


I already tried many variations, but I can’t get this to work – despite the huge effort to make it work.

The Swyx traces aren’t of much help either.


Would you have any idea why CreateObject fails on the test server? Or are any diagnostics available?

The test server is a 64-bit Windows 2008 R2 Standard server with SP1 installed.

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I would guess there are some access restrictions in place. Within the Windows Component Services you can check the COM security settings (who is allowed to activate the interface, who is allowed to access the interface).


For monitoring purpose I would use the Sysinternals Process Monitor. Any kind of access restriction should show up there.


Additionally you can use the VBScript build-in Err object to get a clue about what's going wrong:


On Error Resume Next

Dim obj
Set obj = CreateObject("MyComObject")

PBXScript.OutputTrace Err.Description


This is actually already happening by default. Just take a look into the server trace file (c:\ProgramData\Swyx\Traces\IpPbxSrv....log) for a runtime error.


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