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gse connection function like "gsePlayAudio"

LukasB Wolfsgruber

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Hi there,


I'm looking for a connecting function like "gsePlayAudio". This function was used in an example script ("CeBit_2003_Parties"). I found in the log files the function "gseConnectToEx6", wich I think, would be the function what I need. But I don't know the correct syntax. Is there somwhere a reference to all that kind of functions?

I tried to use the same parameters like in the log files listet, but I received always a "type mismatch error".

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The name of the function is not "gsePlayAudio" but "PlaySound". It takes just one parameter which is the name of the .wav file to be played.


There is no documentation of all functions being available in a call routing script, aside of those which are listed in the GSE's function dialog.


What you could do is, to grab the file "Templates_V4.3.vbs" from the SwyxWare database (either via the SwyxWare Administration or the IpPbx File Explorer). This file contains all function definitions, which can be used from within you own vbscript code within the call routing. These functions are called by the code being generated from the Call Routing Manager or the GSE. 

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