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Locked EN (Press): Standardised SIP termination with SwyxWare 2013 R3

Tom Wellige

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"Unified communications"(UC) vendor Swyx has announced support for the international SIP standard, SIPconnect 1.1. with its new version of SwyxWare 2013 R3.  Now that the UC solution SwyxWare is compatible with the globally recognised standard, its IP-PBX software can be delivered immediately by service providers. This means, that extensive tests for SIP trunking between manufacturers and providers are no longer necessary.

SIP termination: Standardised communication between vendor and service provider

The support of the standard SIPconnect 1.1 saves on resources for both, end-customers and service providers: "If a service provider already supports the standard, tests are no longer required and the UC solution can be immediately up and running.  Standardisation saves not only time, but also financial and human resource costs of deployment" explains Mathias Reidel, Director of business development at Swyx. "In addition, compatibility with SIPconnect 1.1 paves the way for the growing demand for unified communications from the cloud and offers us a pioneering role as a leading manufacturer in this sector."

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