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Locked EN (Press): How to Grow Your Travel Business; New Whitepaper Now Available

Tom Wellige

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Elitetele.com in conjunction with unified communications vendor Swyx has released a new whitepaper in order to help travel professionals understand how the latest  communications technology can help them to grow their businesses.

In a recent survey into the role of communications technology in the travel sector, over 80% of respondents cited customer service and staff productivity as primary business drivers, however nearly three quarters of UK travel businesses were reported as being unaware that these are the improvements and benefits offered as a result of deploying Unified Communications [UC] technology.

Matt Newing, CEO of Elite Telecom, said: "Our survey earlier this year in conjunction with Travolution, pointed to a clear lack of understanding of key communications technology in the travel sector. As a result we recognised that it was necessary to raise the awareness of the advantages of unified communications and how it can specifically support the ambitions of travel companies. We believe that the whitepaper we’ve produced is a business transforming document that explains in no nonsense terms how technology can underwrite some of the industry’s key strategic objectives such as winning new customers as well as reducing costs".

Elite Telecom’s new whitepaper ‘How can travel businesses ‘take-off’ with unified communications?’ discusses the key business challenges for travel operators and how technology can help meet the needs of today’s demanding consumers and contribute to increased sales and growth.

Matt continued: "In the past few years we have already seen a massive shift from the preference for high street travel agencies to online operators and this whitepaper is all about how to keep ahead and adapt to a fast-changing industry, that is converging traditional channels such as the telephone with other modern trends such as mobile and social media." - According to Gartner, by 2020, 90% of customer service will be done via social media.

"As the leading unified communications supplier, we know that technology is crucial to business growth, and feel that UC is the perfect catalyst for the travel industry to up its game in terms of customer service, productivity and more efficient ways of working. We work very closely with travel operators such as Wendy Wu Tours and Destinology who are already benefiting from the advantages of unified comms."

Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO at Swyx, one of Europe’s leading unified communications vendors added: "It’s becoming increasingly difficult for travel businesses to differentiate themselves in what has become a fiercely competitive and dynamically changing marketplace. However what’s clear is that enhancing service and finding ways to operate more efficiently are both factors that will underpin future growth. The beauty of unified communications is that it puts the customer first, allowing you to communicate in any way that they or you choose, regardless of geographical boundaries.  Of course, not all travel businesses are the same, but this guide provides an insight into what is possible – from never missing a booking through to more personal customer communications."

Some of the topics covered in the guide include: What is Unified Communications (UC), Main reasons to adopt UC, Key business benefits of UC for travel businesses and Travel Business Case studies.
To download a free copy of the whitepaper visit http://www.elitetele.com/news/read/how-to-grow-your-travel-business-new-whitepaper-now-available.

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