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Locked EN (Press): Swyx expands leadership team

Tom Wellige

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As an extension of the Executive Board, Joao Gonzaga has joined „Unified Communications" manufacturer Swyx in the newly created position of CTO.  As a telecommunications expert with many years of experience in the management of international companies, in particular he has proven capabilities in the field of development, conceptual design and implementation of mobile technologies.

"For me it’s going back to my roots, although a lot has changed here in Dortmund“ is how the new technology lead at Swyx describes his return to Dortmund.  More than 20 years ago, Joao Gonzaga studied for his degree in Communications Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund and therefore shares a crucial milestone in his career with the high-tech environment of the Ruhr area. Since then he has successfully handled numerous international projects in a leadership position. Commitment to continuous change and improvement is what the new Swyx CTO believes will be the constant for his future work: "We still have many changes and opportunities to take!"

Joao, who is originally from the Cape Verde Islands, has an impressive career history having lived and worked across the globe. His key challenges have been focused on the development, conceptual design and implementation of new telecommunications technologies with international companies such as Ericsson in Sweden and the United States as well as with German global players such as Mannesmann mobile / Vodafone.

Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO of Swyx, is delighted to welcome his new colleague to the managing board: "The decision to create the position of a CTO and to entrust Joao Gonzaga with this task, both fell in record time. This underlines our ability to respond quickly in terms of market-related changes as well as staffing requirements. The proven expertise of Joao Gonzaga together with his international experience and his ability to look outside the box will make a decisive contribution to support our continued growth with the right innovative products.“

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