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Locked EN (Press): Swyx creates new positions

Tom Wellige

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Unified-Communications-Specialist Swyx has created two new positions: Kai Froese who was appointed in June 2014 as Senior Product Manager at Swyx has become head of Product Management responsible for the company’s product strategy.  Globally, Michael Hostbaek has taken up the position of International Cloud Manager. The former Director of Operations was previously responsible for the expansion of Swyx in the French market over the last three years. Through his international experience and technical know-how the native Dane will now drive the success of the company’s  global cloud business.

Focus on globalisation and future developments

With a degree in physics Kai Froese also brings more than 16 years of experience in telecommunications and IT to his role. During this career he spent 12 years at Nokia and prior to joining Swyx he worked at collaboration solutions provider PGi. The 42-year-old will support Swyx through his expertise in the areas of mobile and cloud and innovative mobile business solutions.

Born in Denmark, Michael Hostbaek is a multi linguist who is fluent in French, English Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, and through his work at Swyx “a little German." 

"Hostbaek is exactly the right ingredient to fuel our international business. He works closely with his colleagues who are responsible for the cloud business here in Germany. With his in depth product knowledge, motivation, insight and energy he has all the qualities to take us forward in the right direction”, summarises Swyx CEO Dr. Ralf Ebbinghaus on the decision to entrust the 38-year-old with this new task. "With Kai Froese we also have a ‘doer’ who will make a significant contribution to our continued international expansion. We will both work closely together, so that we can specifically respond to market requirements and customer needs."

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