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How to figure out to whom a call in a group is offered


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Hi there,


I'm using the GSE to build a script which implements a queue in the usual way (I followed your "simple queue" example).

What I need to know is the number of the extension to which a call is being offered: preferably when the extension starts ringing, but alternatively when then call is answered.

I want to use that info to look up the customer record in our CRM, so we need the data when the call actually starts.

The only thing I get to work is reading PbxCall.ConnectedNumber after the call left the 'Process Call By Queue' block, but that's too late -- the call is over by then.


Please help out!

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Hi Frank,


you are right, PBXCall.ConnectedNumber is of no help here. And actually the SwyxWare queue is of no help here, as you are not able to get in between while the call is still in the "Process Call By Queue" block.


But let me understand your scenario a little bit better, please. You need the agent (or his number) who takes the call to be able to do something with it. What exactly is that? If you need to open something (the CRM) on the agents machine the Call Routing would be the wrong place for you anyway. Things like that can be done client sided by utilizing the Client SDK.


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Hi Tom,


The CRM is an internal web-based tool. The user's session is controlled by the web server, so that's why I'm looking at a server side solution.

We are about to replace an old PBX which offers a CTI link via CSTA. Via CSTA, you get an event when an extension starts ringing and when the call is established.

Those events cause webservices to be called in the CRM system which then displays the right CRM info at the user's screen.

This setup is clean and simple and I was hoping to replicate it with the GSE system.


There was one other thing I thought of: giving each agent extension its own script, besides the central Queue script.

Unfortunately, when an extension starts ringing because it belongs to a group, no scripts execute. Only when the extension is dialed directly. Pity.


Hopefully you can give me a direction to look into..






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The SwyxWare queue is a closed system and doesn't allow any modifications.


Actually also the SwyxServer isn't too prepared for your task. Usually you configure the queue to deliver it's calls to a certain user group. From that moment on it is totally up to the SwyxServer who will get the call (depending on the hunt group configuration of the user group). 


I see three possibilities to get your problem solved:

  1. Using a client based app that grabs the needed information from the SwyxIt! via the Client SDK and pushed it e.g. via a web service into your CRM. This can be done every time the user's phone is ringing.
  2. If it would be still good enough for you to push the information into the CRM right after the call was picked up (and not only ended like with the SwyxWare queue) you should take a look on the Open Queue, which is a replica of the SwyxWare queue with a few more features and is fully open to get extended. The important part for you is, that the Open Queue allows you to get out from the "Process Call by Queue" block right after the call was picked up. You could then push your information into the CRM and call a special "Wait for Disconnect" block of the Open Queue.
  3. The Open Queue also comes with it's own hunt group "Longest Waiting". You could easily modify this a little bit to push the information into the CRM right before the call gets connected to an agent.


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