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Tom Wellige

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The following is a list of all Open Queue v2.0 features:

  • handle any number of different call queues in different ecr scripts
  • keeps a call on hold (playing music on hold) until destination is reachable
  • free definable queue size
  • free definable queue timeout
  • announce "please wait" before and during music on hold
  • announce position within queue during music on hold
  • use destination group's configured agent selection (hunt groups: parallel, sequential, rotary, random) or longest waiting
  • store user defined data per call (e.g. a previously entered ticket id)
  • complete queue visualization (asp webpage), incl. the following features:
    • list all calls within a queue incl. caller number, caller name, connected name, start date, duration
    • pick a call from the queue
    • cancel (disconnect) a call from the queue
    • move a call to the top of the queue
    • close queue, meaning the queue will not accept new calls
    • cancel all calls within the queue

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