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Am I missing something for IsHolidayInGermany()?

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I tried using 


But everytime i used IsHolidayInGermany(GSE_BL_BE) in a Check, the call routing just breaks. I checked others like IsBusy() and they worked. Am I missing something forIsHolidayInGermany() to work ?


I'm using SwyxON in the current version.


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Have you switched your Call Routing User to Lua Call Routing?


By default ALL SwyxWare users are based on VBScript and only VBScript code can be added.


Since SwyxWare 13.10 there is also a Lua scripting engine included, but users must still be switched over to Lua manually. If you haven't done anything like that, your call routing user is using VBScript and you need to use the VBScript version of the public holiday function (as stated also in the article you linked above):




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