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Zendesk Integration 1.3.0

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This extension provides Zendesk ticket functionality to the SwyxWare call routing:

  • Check the current status of a Zendesk ticket
  • Create a new Zendesk ticket
  • Update an existing Zendesk ticket
  • Zendesk SwyxIt! button to open the Zendesk ticket directly with a mouse click within SwyxIt!
  • Example call routing scripts.


This extension makes use of the aspJSON (v3.5.4, 29.05.2016) open source project by rcdmk, which is also provided under The MIT License (MIT).

Further details (source code, download link, license statement) can be found within the download package as also on the project's github page.



development_32px.png  Please refer to the Project Page for all details regarding this project.


discuss_32px.png  Please refer for all discussions (forum) for this extension to the forum.


book.png  Please refer for documentation (setup, usage, etc.) for this extension to the SwyxPEDIA.


book.png  Find the license information here!


users.png  If you want to get involved into this project please refer to this topic.



Please note 2: v1.3.0 requires SwyxWare 12.40 (or higher)

Please note 1: v1.0.0 of this extension was called Ticket Validation against Zendesk. This has been completely replaced by the current version.



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