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SwyxIt - the best softphone in the world




When demonstrating to a new customer I always state the fact that SwyxIt is the best softphone in the world, then go on to demonstrate This is one way to actually make competetive products look incredibly inferior. For example the following are all working Swyx Skins.


But we should not simply replicate another manufacturers look and design, we should make something that delivers something that solves a "point of pain" for the customer. In other words a solution.


If you can do this, why would the end user even look at other system?. I even had one skin that had Skype (the personal one not SfB) embeded into the skin as a web extension.


And when you come up with an idea for a great skin why not share it on the forums. Just make sure you are not using any copyright (which is why I will not add these ones).









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