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Don't you hate buzz words ? If you don't you should. Many years ago in one of my all time favourite quotes Larry Ellison said " "The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion." in reference to Cloud Computing. He wasn't trying to say Cloud didnt exsist or wasn't important as many of his critics have gone on to say, he was trying to say its a Buzz word that actually adds no value to the description of what we do.


So to the world of telecoms. The original cloud product, from the days of the invention of Strowger Telephone Exhanages.


When Swyx started it was sold as a Soft PBX, and rumour has it that is the source ot the name. SoftWare eXchange with the Y actually being the symbol for a simple network. So to all intense and purposes a Soft phone system, and while techology has advanced over the last 20 years, and things are possible today that were only imagined 20 years ago. The core function of the software remains unchanged.. Except we now call it UC, or UC&C, or UCC&C or SaaS or Cloud or..... get the picture.


Those most successfull in selling Swyx don't sell Swyx. They sell a Solution. This is why, to rehash one of the old marking phrases Swyx is "The last telephone system you'll ever need"


So forget about the buzz word of the moment and get to know the product. With the right understanding of the software , the customers business and some latteral thinking "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"



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