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This function returns the pin which is configured for the current script user to login to his SwyxPhone.


Dim sPhonePIN
sPhonePIN = PIN()


This function returns a string value.


This pin is configured within the SwyxWare Administration User Configuration panel.




There is an often made error (due to not knowing better) !


When implementing a PIN login within a call routing script one is forced to define a variable within the Get DTMF String block to store the entered DTMF code in. A not so unlikely idea is to name this variable pin:




Afterwards you would use an Evaluate block to check the validity of the entered pin:




By doing this the evaluation that happens is, that the script user's SwyxPhone pin will be compared with "12345" instead of the pin being entered via DTMF.


This is because the PIN() function will be called.


To prevent this problem you should use another name for the pin variable, like sPIN.





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