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Script to not Ring in Client if Group is Called

Arkadius Pabian

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ich have the Problem, that we need a function for our users, to opt out from ringing if a specific group is called they are member of.

I thougt of a user call routing where it checks if the group is called from the caller and if yes it ignores the call. Every other member should still be called. This Call Routing would be set in the Swyx User Account.

How can i get this with a VB script with an if else statement?

I have zero knowledge with VB. We have an developer inhouse. Maybe he can help me with this, but he is not specialized in VB either.

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Hi Arkadius,


I am sorry to say but your approach will not work. On group calls the user call routing scripts are ignored.
This happens on purpose to prevent that the group call is affected by a user call routing (e.g. unconditional forwarding).


What kind of "Hunt Group Type" do you use for your group?

If it is "Sequential" you could create a call routing script that manages the whole call delivery and may not need the group anymore.

If you use one of the other types I do not have an idea how to solve your problem.


Kind regards


Sebastian Dreier

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Hi Sebastian,


I thought this will work with the mark set in "Continue with the forwarding of the destination"

Sorry, i am confused what "Hunt Group Type" means.

The group itself is set to parallel calling.

Right now i have a call routing user, calling the group where everyone is in the group. Everyone from that group should ring at once.

If i have to reconstruct the routing, that should not be the problem. I just need to ensure, that if a caller calls the company main Number, it gets routet correctly to the users they are trying to contact.


If there are any other solutions getting this done, i would try them. My problem is, we have only MAC users inhouse. So i have to use the MAC Swyx for Desktop App. And there i cannot set, that it does not ring on specific lines. So i have to get it to work with call routing. For that we made an user using MS Remote Desktop App. Where the users can open a Swyxit-UI to configure the Call Routings themself.

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Hi Arkadius,

the option "Continue with the forwarding of the destination" does not have any effect on calls towards groups.
Only the group call routing itself is executed not the one of the users.


If i have to reconstruct the routing, that should not be the problem. 

It is a problem because you cannot make multiple parallel calls from a call routing script.

You can find the "Hunt group Type" here:


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