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Problem: Redirect to your own number

Jan Gehrke

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I got the following scenario: 
People in our company use a headset when working at their workspace/computer and carry around a DECT phone, when moving around the company.
A lot of times people accept a call while not being at their workspace (maybe they were just getting a coffee), but will proceed to move to their workspace after accepting the call with their DECT phone.


They asked time and time again for a way to transfer the call from their DECT phone to their headset for comfort. Which doesn't seem possible from a technical standpoint, transfering calls between separate devices.


I then figured: Well this could be solved easily. Why not transfer the call into a queue and have the queue call you back?

I created a dummy user with an internal number and created a GSE setup for him with a queue. Now if you wanted to transfer the call to yourself, all you had to do is redirect it to the dummy.
Technically it works. Problem is, I can't manage to read the number of the person that redirected the call. I can only get the number of the original caller and the number of the dummy user that received the call in order to process it via call routing.
It doesn't appear  to be stored anywhere easily accessible in the API.

Does someone know a way to receive the number of the person that transfered the call?

Or, alternatively, has a more clever solution for my problem in the first place? :)
Thanks a lot



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Thanks for the reply SvenS.
I wasn't aware a function like this exists, that's actually very handy.
Unfortunately I feel like the process of connecting a call with this is a bit too difficult for most users in this company, since it requires you to call yourself on another line, take that call and then connect the original call.
Directly connecting the call to ##70* does unfortunately not work with our setup.

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