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ANSWERED Find Out Which Swyxphones Are Currently Logged On?

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Hey there,


I'm looking for a way to get a list of all currently logged on swyxphones.

Ideally this list should include the string I can see via users --> devices (e.g. Swyxphone L615 <Firmwareversion>), MAC and IP Adress.


Until Swyx 7 there was the table CurrentUserDevices where I could find these information. Unfortunately this table is no longer filled from Swyx 2011 onwards :(

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Hallo Virikas,


ich habe hier noch ein Power Shell Code, vielleicht hilft er dir weiter

connect-ippbx -useippbxlogin
$User = get-ippbxuser | ForEach-Object { add-member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name "DeviceList" -InputObject $_ -Value($adminfacade.GetCurrentUserDevices($_.UserID) ) -PassThru }
$User.devicelist | Where-Object {$_.strVersion -match "L" } | ft -auto iuserid, strVersion, strIPAddress

das Ergebnis sieht so aus

iUserID strVersion strIPAddress
------- ---------- ------------
19 L640/V3_R0.23.0
20 L640/V3_R0.23.0
23 L640/V3_R0.23.0
32 L620/V3_R0.23.0
43 L640/V3_R0.23.0
44 L640/V3_R0.23.0
49 L640/V3_R0.23.0
56 L660/V3_R0.23.0
15 L640/V3_R0.23.0
45 L640/V3_R0.23.0

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