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SwyxIT 2015 10.30.2155 - IKEv2 VPN - No Signal Status

Daniel Gradwell

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We have upgraded our firewalls and the remote VPN to use IKEv2. Since completing this change, the Signal Status in SwyxIT have not been working.


They work without issue internally and we are still able to make and receive calls when remote.


Does anyone know of a requirement to get Signalling to work over VPN. Unfortunately, we are not currently in a position to upgrade Swyx to the latest version which supports Signalling over TCP.

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Evening All,


This has been open a while now and I wanted to confirm that I have found a solution.


To explain the issue. When connected to Swyx previously version 10, but also affects up to version 14, over an IKEv2 VPN on Watchguard, you receive not user status information (Available, away, DND, etc).


Watchguard and I have done a lot of investigation and found that the problem is the 1-to-1 and Dynamic NAT on the Allow IKEv2-Users default rule. Either add a new policy rule as follows


Packet Filter - Any

From - Swyx Server IP or Alias

To - IKEv2-Users

On Advanced Tab - Disable 1-to-1 NAT and Dynamic NAT


Or disable Disable 1-to-1 NAT and Dynamic NAT on the Allow IKEv2-Users policy


Hope this helps someone else in the future







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