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  1. Hi, I am trying to get/set the available numbers from the "Line properties" via the CLMgr.ClientLineMGR but I cannot find any suitable function for that. Is there somewhere else I can do this? https://i.imgur.com/zpdDxbX.png Thanks!
  2. xGodx

    dupe post

    dupe post
  3. Hello. Long time no see. I was wondering if there is anything else you have to do after adding new public numbers to an existing ISDN trunk, because I dont seem to get it working.
  4. Hi. How can i make DispForwardCall release the SwyxIt client instantly, instead of getting the state transferring state? This is not clear how to do at all....
  5. xGodx

    PBX FileData Database

    Here is how i exported every Agent's profileavatar from the PBX DB via PS Get-IpPbxFile -Scope User -Category AvatarBitmaps | Export-IpPbxFile -path "c:\temp" -OverWrite
  6. xGodx

    PBX FileData Database

    I found this CMDLet "Export-IpPbxFile" which exports a file from the server, so I will just use that to sync "user profile pictures".
  7. Hi. I am making a program which reads data from the [IpPbx].[dbo].[FileData] table and returns users Profile pics. However, the file always ends up corrupt, which means the data in the [IpPbx].[dbo].[FileData] is not complete, some headers or something is missing, how and where can I read more about this? Thanks!
  8. So When using the Connect To Block. What does "Proceed with destination's call routing" exactly mean? I
  9. Sorry for being unclear in what im searching for. I want to transfer External calls to other external parts and then redirect them to an internal number if the transfer failed, all without hogging the client
  10. Hi. I am wondering if its possible to forward a call without hogging the client and make an action if the Transfer was busy or the other side did not answer? I cannot see anything in the client SDK that could help me with this one, the only solution i see right now is to transfer the call + data to another dedicated swyx-client with over 100 lines that will do this for me, but that seems a bit overkill for such a simple task.
  11. Hi! Is it possible to Forward a call without hogging the client in the "transferring"-state and if the call does not transfer it should be redirected to a queue? Or do i have to create this myself? xgx
  12. Good afternoon! When I try to enable "Conversation Recording" on the client from the SwyxWare adminstration, All the clients receive this error: Error on conversation recording. Internal Windows error: Could not find file. hr=0x2 I have tried to use a local path aswell "c:\...." but i still get the same error. However if i do not "Record all converations" there is no error, but no call recording either... Any suggestions? /XGX
  13. oLine.DispState does not seem to work properly, according to this list, I will be able to check if a call resulted in the peer disconnecting "PubLSTerminated", but if the peer does not accept the call \ rejects the call, i always get "PubLSActive" * //line states * typedef enum * { * PubLSNone=-1, //unknown, not defined * PubLSInactive=0, //line is inactive * PubLSHookOffInternal, //off hook, internal dialtone * PubLSHookOffExternal, //off hook, external dialtone * PubLSRinging, //incoming call, ringing * PubLSDialing, //outgoing call, we are dialing, no sound * PubLSAlerting, //outgoing call, alerting = ringing on destination * PubLSKnocking, //outgoing call, knocking = second call ringing on destination * PubLSBusy, //outgoing call, destination is busy, reason given in property "PubDiscReason" * PubLSActive, //incoming / outgoing call, logical and physical connection is established * PubLSOnHold, //incoming / outgoing call, logical connection is established, destination gets music on hold * PubLSConferenceActive, //incoming / outgoing conference, logical and physical connection is established * PubLSConferenceOnHold, //incoming / outgoing conference, logical connection is established, not physcically connected * PubLSTerminated //incoming / outgoing connection / call has been disconnected, * //reason given in property "PubDiscReason" * PubLSDirectCall //incoming call, logical and physical connection is established but micro is muted * } PubCLMgrLineStates; /T
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