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Fridays' Swyx Tip #42: Status Panel

Tom Wellige



From 2009 to 2011 mirjam baumberger wrote a great blog, the "Fridays' Swyx Tip". Every Friday she posted a tip regarding the usage of SwyxWare and connected tools and devices. As the old forum is offline, this article series will be restored here again over the time. Please note that some information in this article series might not be valid anymore with current SwyxWare versions.


This blog article was originally posted on 18.06.2010 00:39


Dear Swyx Users


Did you know that the SwyxWare Status panel provides you a nice overview on your SwyxServer activities?

You will find this application on your SwyxServer in All Programs / SwyxWare. Additionally, this Status Panel can be installed on a remote PC, enabling you to monitor your SwyxServer’s activity. Information such as how many external and internal calls are in your system, or how many users are currently logged on, are available at your finger-tip.





How to configure SwyxWare Status Panel on Remote PC:


1. Install SwyxWare Administration on your PC and select Status Panel and follow the wizard.



2. Now, start application SwyxWare Status Panel from "All Programs/SwyxWare"


3. Click on the Icon and select option Connect to server...



4. Enter your Swyx Server name or IP address



5. You have now an view on how many concurrent calls are in your system and also how many users are logged to your IP PBX



6. Important: The user running the SwyxStatus Panel on a remote PC must be member of the SwyxWare services group on the SwyxServer!



Have a good weekend and happy Swyxing...





@ IT Net World Ltd, NZ & AUS SWYX Distributor





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