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Fridays' Swyx Tip #17: Automate IVR navigation

Tom Wellige


From 2009 to 2011 mirjam baumberger wrote a great blog, the "Fridays' Swyx Tip". Every Friday she posted a tip regarding the usage of SwyxWare and connected tools and devices. As the old forum is offline, this article series will be restored here again over the time. Please note that some information in this article series might not be valid anymore with current SwyxWare versions.


This blog article was originally posted on 22.05.2009 01:00


Dear Swyx Users


It happens to all of us! Instead of talking to "John" directly, we have to navigate ourselves through a company's IVR options.


Let's say that you have an account with HP Support Line. Every time you call them and you have to listen to the welcome message, enter “1” for business service”, then enter “3” for “on account” and finally authenticate yourself with your customer ID, before you can talk to a customer rep.


With SwyxIt! you can automate the entering of the additional digits, via adding Post Dial Digits on to the Speed Dial. SwyxIt! can then route your call directly to your final destination.







Example 1: 10800733547x1x3x4770123x


This string dials the number "10800733547". When the call is accepted, the number "1" is transmitted via DTMF. Afterwards number "3", followed by your customer ID "4770123".


Syntax: Post dialable digits are separated from the dialed number by an "x". In addition, you can use a comma to set a pause of two seconds. To insert a longer pause, you can add several successive commas.


Example 2: 10800400600x567,,89


This string dials the number "10800400600". When the call is accepted, the numbers "567" are transmitted with DTMF. After a pause of four seconds "89" is transmitted.


Any questions?



Have a good weekend and happy Swyxing...





@ IT Net World Ltd, NZ & AUS SWYX Distributor




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