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  • EN: General information on the SwyxPEDIA wiki

    Tom Wellige

    Every Swyx Forum user is able to create new wiki articles or modify existing ones.


    The name "Wiki" relates to the fact, that...

    • all users are able to create and modify articles.
    • every article comes with a modification history, so that moderators are able to see all modifications and are also able to revert them.


    The name "Wiki" does not relate to the fact, that...

    • you could use wiki style formatting as known from e.g. Wikipedia. All formatting (incl. pictures and links) here works exactly like in the forum through the tool bar on top of the edit text field.


    The language of wiki articles can be either English or German. Ideally an article is written multilingual. If an articles is monolingual a prefix EN or DE in its title should signal the language of the article (just like the title of this article).


    It goes without saying that every user is responsible for his entries, just like in the forum. Disregarding the Swyx Forum Guidelines can and will come with consequences.



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