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  • EN: How to create MST from MSI installer packages

    Tom Wellige

    The following was taken from the Swyx Forum Archive and was originally posted at 26.08.2010

    If you want to/need to setup the SwyxIt! Client via GPO the installation process installs all default features. This is the same set of features when installing manually and selecting "Typical" as setup type.


    For example if you don't want the SwyxIt! not to start automatically with windows, you need to modify the SwyxIt! setup (create an MST file from the original MSI file). When installing manually you can do this with selecting "Custom" as setup type and disabling the Feature "Add SwyxIt! to startup group".


    This can be done be using Microsoft's ORCA tool (database editor for windows installer packages and merge modules). This tool can be obtained from here:

    To create an MST file from the original SwyxIt! MSI file just follow these steps:

    1. start Orca and open the MSI file
    2. on warning "Read-Only Recomended" select "Ignore the security flag and open the file for editing."
    3. Transform -> New Transform
    4. Transform -> Transform Properties ... -> Validation "Same Product Code" (this prevents that the MSP/MST file can be used on other MSI installations)
    5. open Table Feature
    6. to prevent SwyxIt! from starting automatically:
      • change in row "StartupShortcut" the value of "Level" from 1 to 10. The changed value will be green marked.
    7. Transform -> Generate Transform -> Save file
    8. Exit Orca

    With this sequence you can compose a custom set of features for an installation via GPO. In the table "Feature" (step 5) you can find all SwyxIt! features. The column "Titel" contains the display name of this feature. Change the value of the column "Level" to 10 to skip the installation or set the level to 1 to force the installation of this feature (step 6) .

    Further information on installation levels can be found here:


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