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VisualGroups: Some Thoughts and Feedback


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Hi There,

I'd like to share some thoughts of what I found out regarding Swyx's new Feature called VisualGroups which is designed to Visualize CallQuees and making it easy to handle group membership and availability.


1. Installation and configuration:

    The installation is very easy. First you run the setup on the server (can be a different one) and then you do the configuration through a webinterface. You create groups and define membership. You can define a timeout, what happens if noone is logged in and a post processing time. On SwyxWare side, there is a script user created which does the queue processing in communication       with a webservice. No chance to really influence the queue processing.

2. Visualisation - User

    The visualisation is done very nice: You can see the different queues and how's acutally waiting and which of your team mates are logged in to take care of the calls.

3. Reporting / Controlling

    You get statistics regarding waiting time, call time, missed calls and service level. Either in live view as webpart in SwyxIT or via Report at the end of the day.


Even if all that sounds very nice, for me that looks like very basic stuff with a lot of opertunities for future releases.

1.  post processing time shoud vary depending on call duration.    

2. definition of several announcements seems to be missing at all. (Queue position, expected waiting time, some advertisement/product information)

3. the ability to give the calling party to decide if they stay in the queue or if they want to leave the queue to leave a message / a call back request.

4. the statistic seems to be very basic. how does call volume change during the day? How many group members have been logged on an hourly base? Who was lazy and hasn't answered the phone?


Those are my comments on that new feature? What do you think?


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