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call not queued when phone is off hook


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Just installed openqueue for the first time (server 2012R2, swxyware 2015 R3) and I think it is working fine.

I am just experimenting a little with the queue parameters to get the wanted result.

I did notice a problem when we put the distination Phone off hook. (just placed the hook next to the Phone, so ...destination is unreachable)


When we call this number (through the queue),   the call is not queued up.  The caller gets the cm_dreamtraveller music (what should be expected).

But when we put the hook back on the Phone,  the call still stays hearing the "wait music" and is not transferred to the Phone.

So the caller stays waiting.... until it gets its timeout, but is never transferred to the Phone (probably because it is not added to the queue ?).

Could you help with this ?

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