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Tom Wellige

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Gold Sponsor: Data-Way IT-Consulting GmbH, Austria


Would you buy a mobile phone that you can only make phone calls with? Probably not. Multi-functionality is one of the key trends these days: "All in one"  Why settle for any less? This is not only true for mobile phones but also for telephone systems; because it's not only about phone calls, but also about global communication.
Data-Way was founded in the year 2000 as an IT Consulting Company with a focus on advising businesses on the best uses of information technology to meet their business objectives. As an established service provider we provide the bridge between users and technology.
Our services include, as an independent full service provider, the development, implementation and operation of applications as well as the adaptation of existing and already purchased solutions, particularly in the Voice over IP market.
With a Data-Way implemented VoIP system you can choose an adaptive telephony solution that not only decisively contributes to your business growth, but also adapts itself to the flexibility of your business growth.
     Better to have good ideas than many.
     (John Galsworthy, 1932 Nobel laureate in literature, 1867-1933)



Data-Way IT-Consulting GmbH
Altmannsdorfer Straße 21/2/1
1120 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 907 6000
Fax: +43 1 907 6000 10



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