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ANSWERED SOLVED: File Upload via FileExplorer AND Swyx Administration results in Access Denied

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we´ve gained a new customer with a SWYX v11 and we need to make some uploads to the global scope (wav files).

We did it via the file explorer and the assistent in the Swyx Administration.

The upload finishes successfully, but when I´m trying an inbound call, the call gets a disconnect.


The reason in the log is as following:


19 17:01:48.119 000d98 Info SwSIP      0E35E488 00000125 SwSIPCall::TraceTransition              () Connecting --evtAck--> Connected (Result: 0)
19 17:01:48.122 002768 *Err MSAB       0E0D0550 00000125 SPlayFileAB::AttachWriter               unsupported samplingrate: 44100 Hz, File: C:\Users\SwyxWareServices\AppData\Local\Swyx\IpPbxSrv.exe\FileCache\93702dd5-f4c8-4e0e-8312-4b5a1ea5df3f.wav
19 17:01:48.122 002768 *Err MediaMgr   04DC3F40 00000125 SMediaMgr::PlayMediaFP                  (file: C:\Users\SwyxWareServices\AppData\Local\Swyx\IpPbxSrv.exe\FileCache\93702dd5-f4c8-4e0e-8312-4b5a1ea5df3f.wav, userID: 63) failed to create channel for play file
19 17:01:48.122 002768 *Err SrvPBXCtl  0E2DEE58 00000125 SPBXCallHub::PlayTone                   () PlayMedia(welcomemessage.wav) returned AccessDenied. Channel info: IP: 192.168.XX.1|51284|51285|G722|20|-1
19 17:01:48.122 002768 *Err SrvPBXCtl  0E259360 00000125 SScriptFsm::ActionOnAlertToutGetDtmf    () connecting A or playing tone failed => aborting call
19 17:01:48.122 002768 Inf2 SrvPBXCtl  0E2DEE58 00000125 SScrServer::EventPlayMessageDone        ()
19 17:01:48.122 002768 Inf2 SrvPBXCtl  0E2DEE58 00000125 SScrServer::Abort                       (Failure)
19 17:01:48.122 002768 Inf2 SrvPBXCtl  0E2DEE58 00000125 SPBXCallHub::AbortNoFsmAccess           (Failure)
19 17:01:48.122 002768 Inf3 SrvPBXCtl  04FD2460 00000125 SPBXCall::EventDisconnect               (cause: Failure, ext cause: 0, discon. type: Normal)
19 17:01:48.122 002768 Inf2 SrvPBXCtl  0E2DEE58 00000125 SPBXCallHub::RemoveCall                 (04FD2460)
19 17:01:48.122 002768 Inf3 SrvPBXCtl  0E2DEE58 00000125 SPBXCallHub::RemoveCall                 (04FD2460) number of calls before erase: 1


The error message is identical, neither if I upload it via file explorer or swyx administration.

When I´m heading to the ECR of the user and upload the file directly into the user scope via the ECR, everything is fine.


I need some support :(


Thank you in advance!

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The WAV File seems to be in an unsupported format.

You can upload the file via Call Routing Manager or voicemail settings for example, there the file gets converted. Or you convert the file yourself before uploading.

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Thanks a lot Tom and Markus. I was to focused on the "AccessDenied" status .. 

With the right conversion of the wav file it works like a charm .. 🙃

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