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Automatically Callback incoming line

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Hi there,


We want to have our employees to be able to call a special number and then call them back automatically.

Idea is;

Caller will call the special number. His caller ID will be checked against database if he is allowed to call in then we will disconnect the call (no calling minutes or costs are being charged to the employee). This is easily done through ECR

Then it becomes complex. Because we want to establish a call back to this caller ID and then they will be coming in IVR block.


It seems to be very difficult to do without using external API, software and even then I have heard that when you are in an outbound call DTMF tone recognition is not possible with Swyx.


Anybody an idea? If not, what will best practice to send Swyx a feature request?

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You need to separate this into two parts:


1) as you already described using a call routing script to recognize the caller and place the call back request into a database


2) using a small application that checks for call back request in you database and if so using the client sdk to initiate a call via SwyxIt!. Once it is connected you can transfer it into another call routing script which provides the DTMF menu.


On outbound calls the DTMF detection is disabled by default (for security reasons) but can be enabled via a registry key. As this is not a published key you need to request it from Swyx Support (via your reseller or distributor).


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