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O365 Outlook Add-IN - Security Warning

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Hello Swyx-Forum,


we are using SwyxIt 12.2 with the Outlook Add-IN. Everytime when open Outlook a Message appears:




We have tried to set some registry-key (like described at server.swyx.com), but this do not work:


Outlook Version O365 Version 2012 Build 13530
SwyxIT 12.20.18089

We set this keys at user side:


Reg_DWord 3


Reg_DWord 4


Reg_SZ 7d2be317ef02a9f050ab25431a7c14ee1d9d573b


Reg_SZ 332411915caa7f8e258035b7459102733769fe65


Maybe someone have an idea how to solve this ?


Thanks in advance


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Hallo Thomas,


in den Release Notes steht es unter Punkt 5.5



5.5 SwyxIt! With Outlook
• In the context of removing an issue with security warnings that appear when Outlook is used together with SwyxIt! (Swyx bug 185649) a new Windows Registry Key has been introduced that rules if the previous Outlook warning appears. In the registry key path "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\[XXX]\OutlookAddIn\SecurityManager\" (with [XXX] being Swyx or T-Com), the registry value is named
"DisableOutlookSecurityWarnings", the type is a DWORD and the values are: ‘0’ to have the security warnings enabled (default behaviour); ‘1’ to have them disabled. Even if the Registry Key was set to ‘1’, the warning messages still appear, though, when creating, editing or deleting an Outlook contact. If the new Registry Key was not already created by SwyxIt!, the user can do so at the aforementioned path with the specified type and desired value.


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