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VisualGroups status from CallRouting

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Hello, my question are actually two.

First: In a CallRouting, can I somehow get the „is there someone logged in to the VisualGroup Queue“? Perhaps over a SQL Statement like this:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM VisualGroups.sometable WHERE GroupID = 1 AND UserLoggedInStatus = 1

And second: In case our building closes for a day, the front desk started the „CallRouting“ and activated an announcement in front of the other Routings. Now, with „Visual Groups“, can I place a button on the Client Skin that starts the CallRouting for the VisualGroup user? Other idea: configure a name button that calls a user who toggles the announcement over a SQL Statement. But I would definitely prefer a „visual solution“.

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I am not aware of an API of VisualGroups that provides the functionality to request the status of VisualGroups.


In general Visual Groups contains also a call routing which handles the call and interfaces into the VisualGroups management via web requests.


I would not recommend to modify that call routing in any shape or form.


But you can add your own call routing rule right in front of the VisualGroups rule, to handle your announcements of what ever is needed.


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This is exactly what I meant. But how can a normal user, without the SwyxWare Administration, open the VG-user-CallRouting, to activate or deactivate the previous standing anouncement?

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They can't.


You need some sort of clever call routing around it. Something like a global switch which can be accessed by every user to set it or to check its current position.


Easiest way for that would be the Persistent Variables.


The included "Night Switch" example is more or less exactly what you need.


You can place a simple call routing rule to the VG user which checks the status of a global "Announcement" variable and play the needed announcement of the variable is set to 1 (do not touch the original VG call routing rule, but add yours in front of it).


Additionally you will have one sort of dummy user with a "manager call routing", where certain (or all users) can call and modify the status of your "Announcement" variable either via DTMF menu or by using post dialing digits when calling into that user.


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