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ANSWERED Play .wav file from network share

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One of our customers, a cricket club have a requirement to play a "state of play" announcement. This announcement could change by the hour. They would like to be able to record an announcement, give it a specific name i.e stateofplay.wav (it always be the same name) and save it to a network share. They would then like the ECR to play that file directly from the share. Is this possible?

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Within the "Play Announcement" block of the Graphical Script Editor (GSE) you can either configure a single file name (in this case it will be loaded from the SwyxWare database) or a fully qualified path (path + filename, UNC pathes are also possible), e.g.

  • \\servername\announcements\myannouncement.wav


You have to make sure, that the Swyx Server service have access to it, so the user it runs with  (usually the local "SwyxServiceAccount"), needs at least read permission to that folder/share.


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Hi Tom, thanks for the response.

That is exactly what I did, the file is in a share which is accesible by the Swyx service account. The ECR says the file is absent. 


It all seems very simple, what could I be missing?

I'll try restarting the Swyx server service tonight and see if that helps.

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I have just tested it myself, and it work. Although only after tricking the GSE a little bit. Instead of entering the path directly into the "Play Announcement" block

  • C:\Test\Test.wav

I had to enter it like this

  • = "C:\Test\Test.wav"


I have also tested a UNC path and it didn't work, but the server trace revealed the answer:

28 11:49:55.980 001884 Warn SrvPathHlp 0A26F60C 00000000 SPathHelper::GetLocalPath               () UNC path's are not supported


So I was wrong with saying that one can use UNC paths.


But that's not much of a problem. Just map the share to a network drive to circumnavigate the UNC path.


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