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PhoneMgr Tracing Optionen

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der PhoneMgr erzeugt paar hundert Logfiles pro Tag. Im Tracetool gibt es keine Option das zu deaktivieren. In der Registry gibt es jedoch viele Optionen dazu. Leider scheint es keine Doku dafür zu geben.

Hat jemand eine Doku oder kann mir sagen welche Werte geändert werden müssten? 


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Firstly I would ask why so many log files, do you have 100's of phones ? Have you checked the logs. A quick search for *warn will find basic errors that include a description of the problem, such as wrong pins, licenses etc. *fat or *err will also highlight more serious issues that need resolution and probably support from Swyx.


The documentation for tracing is included in the Swyx Troubleshooting course, and I am not sure I can publish it here. However it is possible to adjust the tracing output for each of the swyx modules using regedit.


Navigate to HKLM/SOFTWARE/WOW6432Node/Swyx/(module)/CurrentVersion/tracing


In there as you have seen are all the components of that module. The tracing level can be changed using these values

Each trace module has a level threshold associated which defines the amount of trace output generated. Below is a list of the decimal value of the registry entry and its description.

    •    Off            0    no output
    •    Fatal         1    fatal error messages
    •    Error         2    error messages
    •    Warning   3    warnings
    •    Info           4    informational output
    •    Info2        5    more informational output
    •    Info3        6    even more informational output
    •    Debug      7    debug messages
    •    Debug2    8    more debug output
    •    Debug3    9    even more debug output


A higher level includes all output of the lower levels. E.g. if a trace module is configured to Info2 every trace statement from Fatal to Info2 is included in trace output. Levels “Debug” and higher are only available within debug builds.


I would strongly recomend backing up the hive before making changes as if you have a problem you need support on they will need the original traces. Most of the keys are self explanitory as to their reference but I would also suggest booking the 1 day troubleshooting course if availabnle from your supplier.



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Thanks for the reply. That overview helps a lot.

There a quite a few warnings but no errors. I have around 60 to 80 phones here which create a lot of info entries from framework and eventqueue that I don't need.




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