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Tom Wellige

Function: LaunchHTTPRequest

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This post is taken from the Swyx Forum Archive (2007-2014) and was originally posted 27.04.2010 by me


This function calls (launches) a given URL (http request) and returns True if the request returns without error.

To use the function within your call routing script just copy&paste it into the "Start" block and call it afterwards within an "Evaluate" block.


' LaunchHTTPRequest
' Launches given URL.
' Parameter:
'	sURL		complete url
' return value:
'	boolean		True  - request file processed
'				False - request file *not* processed
Function LaunchHTTPRequest(ByVal sURL)
	PBXScript.OutputTrace "------> LaunchHTTPRequest ( sURL = '" sURL & "' )"

	On Error Resume Next

	Dim bReturn
	bReturn = True

	Set HTTP_REQ = CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0")

	Dim lResolve, lConnect, lSend, lReceive
	lResolve =  1 * 60 * 1000	' 1 minute (default: infinte)
	lConnect =  1 * 60 * 1000	' 1 minute (default)
	lSend    = 60 * 60 * 1000	' 1 hour   (default: 30 seconds)
	lReceive = 60 * 60 * 1000	' 1 hour   (default: 30 seconds)
	HTTP_REQ.setTimeouts lResolve, lConnect, lSend, lReceive

	Dim vBefore, vAfter, nDuration
	vBefore = Now
	HTTP_REQ.open "GET", sURL, False

	If Err <> 0 Then
		PBXScript.OutputTrace "Error sending http request (" & Hex(Err) & ")"
		PBXScript.OutputTrace Err.Description
		vAfter = Now
		nDuration = DateDiff("s", vBefore, vAfter)
		PBXScript.OutputTrace "HTTP Request returned after " & nDuration & " seconds"
		bReturn = True
	End If

	Set HTTP_REQ = Nothing

	LaunchHTTPRequest = bReturn

	PBXScript.OutputTrace "bReturn = " & bReturn
	PBXScript.OutputTrace "<------ LaunchHTTPRequest"
End Function


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Hello Tom,


do i have to install anything on my Windows server to use this script?

do i have to install this for it to work (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/290761/frequently-asked-questions-about-serverxmlhttp)?


because this script wont work on my windows 12 server.


Best regards Jakob H

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