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Tom Wellige

!!! New address for Swyx Forum !!!

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Hi all.


You might have noticed a few problems over the last few days with the forum.


Bottom line is, I decided to move the forum to a new address to finally get the HTTPS problem solved.


The new address is, as you can see now in the address line of your browser: www.swyxforum.com


There might be a hand full of broken links at the moment on the forum page because of the address change, but they will be fixed soon. I considered getting HTTPS working again more important than a little bit of manual work for me.



Update: the login handlers via Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft are currently disabled. They need a new confirmation and once that is available they will show up again.


Update 2: another quite positive effect of the new address is at least for the moment no spam attacks. Lately there were ten to twenty attempts per day of known spammers to register accounts here. Also the contact form was flooded with up to fifty spam posts per day. The silence at the moment is quite nice. 


Update 3: the login handlers via Google and Twitter are back.


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