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The forum archive (content from the year 2007-2014) is currently not reachable. It seems if got hacked (one of the reasons why I switched to another CMS in 2014).

I will see to get it back as quickly as possible, but can't promise any time frame at the moment.


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Since the first post in this topic the forum archive got hacked 3 more times. It took me always quite some time to get the old content management system back to work. 


At the moment the archive is again in a hacked state for about 3 weeks. 


So instead of continuing to waste my time for just getting hacked the other day/week again, I decided to give the archive of the old forum up. 


Yes, this will cut some old stuff from being available, but over the last years I have moved the most important parts over into the current forum anyway. 


Over the next few days I will remove all links from the current forum into the archive. If Goggle still finds it, you will end up in a none working website anyway. 


Sorry for the inconvenience, but as there isn't anythimg I can do against getting hacked, this is the only reasonable thing to do. 


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