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Tom Wellige

3.5 - Usage - Trouble shooting

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This project communicates with a few external components.


If the provided GSE actions (or GSE example rules) don't work (you either reach the error exit or there are no changes in Zendesk) you should take a look into the server trace file, identify the call and look for trace output from the GSE action that would look like

-------> Zendesk.GetTicketStatus ()


-------> Zendesk.UpdateTicket ()


-------> Zendesk.CreateTicket ()


Once you have found this line for your test call you will find all important stuff before and after that line.


The following lines contains the complete command line for the curl tool. You can copy and paste it into a command line to give it a try. Before hitting enter on a command line you have to replace the %LOGIN% placeholder by the zendesk login, in the format %USER%/token:%TOKEN%. The values for the username and token can be found in the trace right above start line.


Give the complete command line a try in a browser and see if you get something meaningful back from Zendesk. 


The next trace line contains the result Zendesk returned for your test call. If it looks like lots of data, then everything seems to be fine, if there is an error message included try to work out that error message until your result looks like lots of data.


I am not going to explain the JSON result format here, this is done in the Zendesk Core API documentation.


In case you have trouble getting this little project running or have specific questions, please open your own topic in the project forum.



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