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Tom Wellige

3.4 - Usage - Zendesk SwyxIt! button

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The Zendesk Integration provides a SwyxIt! skin with a special Zendesk button.




This button directly opens a Zendesk ticket if the caller name in the SwyxIt! client contains a valid Zendesk ticket id in a special format (##nnnn).


The idea is, that a call routing script asks the caller for a valid ticket id. If the given ticket id is valid the call will be connected to an agent (or group of agents) with the given ticket id stored in the display. The agent is now able to click the Zendesk button to directly open that ticket.


The usage is explained in chapter 2.3 - Setup Zendesk SwyxIt! button.


A complete example making use of this button is shown in chapter A.2 - Appendix A - Example: Check Status and Update Ticket.



Adaption in call routing script




Before a call is getting connected by using the Connect To block, an Insert Script Code block must be used to modify the caller name, i.e. the name being displayed in the SwyxIt! client.

IpPbx.CallingName = IpPbx.CallingName & " (##" & sTicketID & ")"


The Zendesk ticket id must be added as shown above in (##nnnn) format.



On incoming calls




On incoming calls routed through the specially adapted call routing script simply press the Zendesk button.


Zendesk will be opened in a new browser windows (your default web browser) displaying the ticket being entered by the caller.



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