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Tom Wellige

A.2 - Appendix A - Example: Check Status and Update Ticket

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This example demonstrates the usage of the Zendesk Ticket Status and Zendesk Update Ticket GSE actions as also the Zendesk SwyxIt! button.




It asks the caller to enter a ticket id, checks if it's status is new, open, pending or hold and if so connects the call. After the call is finally disconnected it writes some call details into the entered ticket.




To install it:

  1. Make sure that the Zendesk SwyxIt! button is properly installed.
  2. Open the Call Routing Manager of your desired SwyxWare user.
  3. Click the "New Rule..." button.
  4. Select "Graphical Script Editor" and click Ok.
  5. With the GSE open the File | Import... menu and click No.
  6. From the download package select the following file:
    \rse\Check Status and Update Ticket.rse


  7. You need to make some modifications in the "Get Status" block. They are explained in detail in chapter 3.2 - Usage - GSE Action Zendesk Ticket Status.

  8. You also need to make some modifications in the "Update Ticket" block. They are explained in detail in chapter 3.3 - Usage - GSE Action Zendesk Ticket Update.



After a call has been completely handled by the call routing script and also afterwards by an agent (and finally disconnected), you will find the following call details added as a new comment into the ticket:

10.05.2017 10:16:21 : Incoming call from 'Test1 (##1145)', 101
10.05.2017 10:16:50 : Ticket validated.
10.05.2017 10:16:59 : Call connected to Agent 1
10.05.2017 10:18:31 : Call connected to Agent 2
10.05.2017 10:21:03 : Call disconnected.



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