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Tom Wellige

6.2 - Miscellaneous - Master Standby Installations

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By default persistent variables are not compatible to Master Standby scenarios.


This is simply to the fact that the IpPbxExtensions database is not replicated automatically into the MS SQL server of the Standby machine.


To use persistent variables in a Master Standby scenario you have two possibilites:

  • Setup the IpPbxExtensions database along with the PersistentVariables table also on the Standy system and configure a replication between the both database. This has to be done manually as SwyxWare's config wizzard does not know about the IpPbxExtensions database.
  • Do not setup a replication, ignore possible switches from Master to Standby and just rely on proper Default values for the persistent variables. This is most definately not recommended.




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