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How to retrieve and edit a users intrude list.

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Hi All


I am currently attempting to view a users call intrusion list (who can intrude on them). I have had a look at whats returned when I Get-IpPbxUser and Get-IpPbxUserData and cant see anything relating to call intrude.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanks, Andrew

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After playing around with UserIntrusionNumberEntryCollection I can quite happily get the users intrude list. I would now like to add to this list.


Is there a command like Add-IpPbxInternalNumberToUser 

such as Add-IpPbxIntrudeInternalNumberToUser 

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Hello All,


i was finally able to add users to the Call Intrusion List. Beware of errors, as i have been working on this a while and it's late. I'm also not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but it works.


$user = Get-IpPbxUser -UserName "Hans"

$CollectionEntry = New-Object "SWConfigDataClientLib.Proxies.Users.UserIntrusionNumberEntry"

$CollectionEntry.UserID = $user.UserID

$CollectionEntry.InternalNumberID = 364 #InternalNumberID of the supervisor) -can be retrieved using $internalNr = Get-InternalNumber -UserName "Supervisor1" -> $internalNr.InternalNumberID


Update-IpPbxUser -UserEntry $user


#with echo $user.UserIntrusionNumberEntryCollection you can see the existing intrusion entries, to make creation of new ones easier.

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