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SwyxPhone L615 "Initialization error"

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One of our clients recently bought two SwyxPhone L615.

They are using Swyxware 2011 R2 (8.01.0678).


We didn't have any problems putting the two L615's in the network. They have received dtheir IP by the DHCP server.

With the factory settings, we had the "Telephony is down (H02)" message.

Then, we ran the "Search Swyxphone" on the server.

The phones rebooted successfully.


But during the phone startup, we get a new error : "Initialization Error".


The phones are manageable trough their webinterface. We tried tu put manually other parameters, without success.


The Phone Whitelist on the server is up-to-date.

We have updated the phones firmwares to the latest version : V3 R0.23.0 HFA 150204.


Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem ? Thank you.



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You need at least SwyxWare 2013 R5 to get phones with this firmware version working.

You could try to downgrade the phones to version V2 R1.5.0 but the hardware is probably too new, so a downgrade might not work (in the worst case you could damage your phones)

So I suggest a SwyxWare upgrade.


Edited by Markus Wallner
typo: correct version is 2013 R5

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Markus is right, but to be a bit more precise:


Downgrading a V3 firmware to a V2 firmware only works when the phone was upgraded from V2 to V3 before.
If the phone came originally with V3 downgrading will result in a boot loop, which can only be fixed by using the Unifiy DERT tool.



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Hello, the KB4189 explain wich firmwares work with which swyxware version. 

According whith kb  V3 R0.23.0  will work at least with swyware 2013 R5, 


Use DERT for go back to old firmware and after allow your server swyx to upgrade to firmware  v2 r1.5.0 according KB4597


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