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This function returns the email address being configured within the SwyxWare Administration as to be used as "From" address for all voicemails to be sent by the server.


Dim sFrom
sFrom = VoicemailOriginatorEMailAddress()


This function returns a string value.


This function is identical to the Server's public COM interface function PBXConfig.VoicemailFromAddress. Please refer to the following Swyx Knowledgebase article for closer information on this interface.


Do not mistake the PBXConfig interface with any of the Server Script API interfaces PBXCall, PBXUser or PBXScript.


If you make use of the Send E-mail block within the GSE to sent your own emails from the script and want these emails to have the globally configured voicemail "From" address the function VoicemailOriginatorEMailAddress() comes into use:




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