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This collection holds informations about all scripts that has been started for this call before the current script has been started. If a call is forwarded from a script with option "Proceed with destination's call routing", i.e. when PBXCall.ConnectToEx is called with bProceedWithDestinationScript set to true. Note that the standard redirection (immediate, delayed, busy) always set this flag.


The collection contains PreviousScript objects containing the following information for each previous script:

  • UserName
  • UserId
  • StartTime
  • EndTime


The following example code lists all previous script information into the server trace file:


Dim PrevScripts
Set PrevScripts = PBXScript.PreviousScripts
PBXScript.OutputTrace "Number of previous scripts: " & PrevScripts.Count
Dim Script
For Each Script In PrevScripts
  PBXScript.OutputTrace "UserName:  " & Script.UserName
  PBXScript.OutputTrace "UserID:    " & Script.UserID
  PBXScript.OutputTrace "StartTime: " & Script.StartTime
  PBXScript.OutputTrace "EndTime:   " & Script.EndTime


Please note that a previous script object does contain the username only, not any of his internal extensions.


A common usage for this collection is to check if the current call was originally meant for some other certain user.


There is a ready made function available that searches this collection for a given user:


Based on that function there is another function available takes an extension or a list of extension to then finally check against this collection::



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