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Forward Call if VisualGroups Agents are busy

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Hello everyone,


We are running Swyx via Cloud (SwyxOn - Version 13.29.46032 de-DE) in combination with VisualGroups Enhanced (Version 1.11.3236.0).


I am currently struggling to find a solution for the following CallRouting behavior of VisualGroups and the corresponding call forwarding to Agents inside of any VisualGroups Queue.


To state my point I want to describe the following Scenario:


There is a VisualGroups Queue in Use with any number of Agents assigned to it (in german, apologies):


This is a Screenshot for the Settings of the Queue called Service-Hotline for example.

Lets say the group has 5 Agents assigned to it:

- If all Agents assigned to the Queue are set to "DnD", "Absent" or are not logged in at all, the settings above command the Queue to immedietly forward incoming calls for the group to an internal Number 901, which is in fact another VisualGroups Queue and the correct behavior. In this case, the queue does not even try to assign a call to any of its agents, since they are not available.


- If 1 Agent is currently "busy" because he/she is calling someone else (doesent matter who he/she is calling right now), then 1 Agent of the Queue is considered available by the VisualGroups Queue, and this is the behavior I'm trying to change.


- The Result is now that, even all Agents are currently not able to accept a call, either because they are DnD/Absent or currently calling someone, the queue holds all other incoming calls for the Queue in line because 1 agent is considered available. This leads to unneccessary waitingtime for customers who are trying to reach us.


What i want to accomplish is that the Queue forwards incoming calls to "901" when all Agents are DnD, Absent or currently calling someone else.


Currently the 2 Queues are not accompanied by a Callrouting User, so all calls directly go into the Queue. I'm planning to change that for several Queues in the near future because we also want to work with audio files and other stuff.


Advice to accomplish that would be grand!


Thank you very much in advance.

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