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  1. you shouldn't need to remove the windows account. you should just be able to disable it. one liner below to do for all users Get-IpPbxUser | ForEach-Object { $_.WindowsLoginAllowed = $false; $_ } | Update-IpPbxUser -CollectiveUpdate
  2. You can specify the account to use if you with to use swyx auth. see below. C:\PS>$Credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential "Username", (ConvertTo-SecureString -String "Password" -AsPlainText -Force) Connect-IpPbx -UseIpPbxLogin -Credentials $Credentials
  3. This would be possible with PowerShell. There is a command 'Get-IpPbxCall' this will list out all of the current calls on the system. with a if check you can filter out the internal calls as these will show. for example. Connect-IpPbx $trunkName = "Gamma" foreach ($call in Get-IpPbxCall){ if($call.DestinationDeviceName -eq $trunkName) { #outbound call echo "outbound" echo $call }elseif($call.OriginationDeviceName -eq $trunkName){ #inbound call echo "inbound" echo $call } } Disconnect-IpPbx this will give a simple output like this you can also use any of the below fields under call for example $call.CallStatus will show the curent status of the call. Other options are below OriginationNumber : REMOVED IsOriginationNumberNull : False DestinationNumber : REMOVED IsDestinationNumberNull : False OriginationName : IsOriginationNameNull : False DestinationName : REMOVED IsDestinationNameNull : False OriginationDeviceName : Gamma IsOriginationDeviceNameNull : False DestinationDeviceName : IsDestinationDeviceNameNull : False CallStatus : Connected IsCallStatusNull : False Charges : 0,00 IsChargesNull : False Start : 08/07/2021 15:05:46 IsStartNull : False Duration : 3850000000 IsDurationNull : False ProjectNumber : IsProjectNumberNull : False CalledNumber : +REMOVED IsCalledNumberNull : False CalledName : REMOVED IsCalledNameNull : False CallID : 1161842 IsCallIDNull : False DurationTimeSpan : 00:06:25 Hope this helps
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