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  1. Hi there, We want to have our employees to be able to call a special number and then call them back automatically. Idea is; Caller will call the special number. His caller ID will be checked against database if he is allowed to call in then we will disconnect the call (no calling minutes or costs are being charged to the employee). This is easily done through ECR Then it becomes complex. Because we want to establish a call back to this caller ID and then they will be coming in IVR block. It seems to be very difficult to do without using external API, software and even then I have heard that when you are in an outbound call DTMF tone recognition is not possible with Swyx. Anybody an idea? If not, what will best practice to send Swyx a feature request?
  2. Anybody has a script for public holidays of The Netherlands?
  3. Olof

    ECR - Queues

    Thanks for responding. I was basically meaning with the word "Busy" the callcenter is flooded with calls. I understand we could get that condition in logic. We could use If(totals calls in queue 1) > n then busy or use average waiting time or some other variable. You have understood the functionality what we want to achieve if that condition is met. I like your approach to have one queue and tag the calls. Do I understand correctly that we can then not really use GUI ECR functionality but we have to create also a script to handle the order?
  4. Olof

    ECR - Queues

    Based on the manual this is not possible with Visual Groups, actually Visual Groups seems to be basically using ECR features in the backend and just provides an easy front end to change those rules on the fly. If you want to manually dispatch calls from different queues this would be working. Just to further clearify my question. Let's assume you have 3 waiting queues where calls are landed. Call Center agents are member of all 3 queues. Normally, of course depending on the call distribution mechanism configured, it is handling the calls on a FIFO based over all 3 queues (longest waiting in line). Now when it is busy I want to simple say queue 1 calls needs to be handled first, when queue 1 is empty start with queue 2 and if no calls in queue 1 and 2 then start with calls in queue 3.
  5. Olof

    ECR - Queues

    I have a few questions about call distribution (ECR) in relation to queues We have multiple queues handled by same group of agents. When it is very busy (we can determine that by amount of calls in queues) we want to have the system prioritize that particular queues are handled with priority. We want to not have the agent to manually do anything like logging out of particular queues. Can you guys think with us what options we would have to achieve this?
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